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Safeguarding Hawaiʻi with Personalized Protection

HPM Tech helps protect what matters most through cutting-edge security solutions powered by a trusted, local provider.

About Us

About Us

Since 1921, HPM Building Supply has been Hawaiʻi's trusted local source for quality building materials, innovative building solutions, and exceptional service. Though much has changed over the past 100 years, our commitments remain constant: to understand our customers' needs, deliver proven and emerging technologies tailored for them, and help Hawaiʻi build and live better.

As we look to the future, we are proud to introduce HPM Tech - leveraging our legacy of trust to provide integrated security solutions customized for your organization. In partnership with leading industry security manufacturer partners, HPM Tech offers a full suite of security solutions, tailored to your organization's security needs. From advanced camera systems with feature-rich analytics and AI to environmental sensors providing real-time reading on your organization's air quality and environment, HPM Tech offers end-to-end security solutions fully managed by a local command center and onsite resources statewide.

How We Serve

When our security systems trigger an alarm, our 24/7 Command Center immediately triages events and takes appropriate action. Based on advanced analytics, video verification capabilities and the skillset of highly trained operators, HPM Tech manages each security incident to ensure your property and assets are fully protected. We focus on timely, tailored responses for optimal outcomes each time a security incident occurs.


Video Security

We secure facilities through a range of video surveillance including customized indoor/outdoor cameras, facial and license plate recognition analytics delivering actionable insights, and easy-to-manage hybrid cloud storage that eliminates the need for legacy equipment.

Alarms & Sensors

Our sensors detect intrusions and monitor air quality (including vaping, CO2, CO), along with environmental factors. Cameras and Command Center alarms enable rapid threat assessment, while integrated video and access control enhance detection accuracy.

Our Commitment with Virtual Guard Services

Future-proof your security with HPM Tech’s scalable and integrated solutions. Our approach ensures that your security measures can adapt and evolve alongside your growing needs. Compared to traditional alarm systems, Virtual Guard Services will:

Reduce False Alarms

Greatly reduce the number of false alarms through video verification.

Focus On Your Core Business

Outsource security and alarm management to an expert provider. Incident response and management, proactive security deterrence 24/7.

Deter Crime

Rely on Talk Down Services to deter potential burglaries and other criminal incidents.

Lower Risk and Prioritize Safety and Compliance

Rely on trusted and thorough 24 hour, 7 days per week monitoring of your property.

Learn More About HPM Tech

Our security experts are available to partner with you on your current or future project. Contact us for a consultation.